Jaromir Piwowar

Legal Counsel

Jaromir Piwowar, is a legal counsel from 2006 (he also successfully completed prosecutor’s training), a member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw, a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration and Postgraduate IP Studies at the University of Warsaw.
The areas of his expertise include:

  • Industrial property law (criminal and civil violation of rights to trade marks in economic turnover, violation of rights to the trade marks in the Internet, violation of rights to patents and industrial and utility designs)
  • Criminal law
  • Economic criminal law
  • Unfair competition law

Jaromir Piwowar has represented many international corporations and widely recognized international companies in the matters related to violation of industrial property law in the Republic of Poland, in particular in respect of criminal and civil law protection of trademarks, especially with regard to the issues of combating economic delinquency and extinguishing trade in goods marked with counterfeited trademarks, in a close cooperation with law enforcement authorities and Customs Service in the Republic of Poland.
The central point of his specialization also involves undertaking actions in the case of violation of rights to trade marks in domain names, law on combating unfair competition acts, copyright and economic criminal law.
Jaromir Piwowar has acquired his professional experience through over 12-year cooperation with one of the largest IP companies and also conducted his own legal practice and acquired experience in working with corporate clients from various places in the world as well as individual clients.
Mr. Piwowar is a member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and a member of the Audit Committee of the Polish Group of the AIPPI.