• Opinions concerning infringement
• Preliminary injunctions
• Border seizures
• Technical opinions (evidences).

Patent or other document confirming the entitlement of the intellectual property rights holder, is only a tool to facilitate the enforcement of the rights. Effective protection is provided by an actual enforcement, which amounts to taking actions against infringements.
It should be stressed that failure to prosecute infringements can result not only in financial loss, but also in loss of the rights (“degeneration of the trademark”). Therefore, one should monitor possible infringements, even if no action against them is decided to be taken.
We take on monitoring and prosecuting infringements of exclusive rights. We work comprehensively, ranging from preparing and sending warning letters and ending with the proceeding before a court and border seizures.
Our service covers legal (lawsuits), technical (necessary expertise, cooperation with the Customs Offices) and organizational (gathering evidence) issues.